Companies have seen more opportunities arising to drive progress in sustainable development during this volatile situation. Through interactions and engagement with workforces, companies are starting to integrate the vision of "Future of Work" to their workforce strategy, to be inclusive, and to develop and motivate them in both their personal and professional aspects, as well as preparing them for future challenges they may encounter.
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Low Rental Fee for Community
WHA Group supported and enhanced the value and opportunities for the local community by offering an available space to be the rental area for a low fee of around 250-500 Baht/Rai/Year to be used as a community cultivated area.
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Water Hyacinth Project
WHA Eastern Seaboard Industrial Estate (WHA ESIE) continually implemented for surrounding community in the Baan Kai District, Rayong province, in 2021, to generate job and additional income flows toward the local communities of its operations through employment.
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WHA Industrial Estate
Collaboration with WHA Group, SAIC Motor-CP Co., Ltd., and MG Sales (Thailand) Co., Ltd., Thailand's MG car manufacturers and distributors. They signed an agreement to install five "MG Super Charge" electric vehicle charging stations in WHA industrial estates in the Eastern Area (EEC) and Saraburi Province. There are electric vehicles in operation for monitoring and sending documents.
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WHA Office Solutions
The WHA Tower was designed to be environmentally friendly and became the group's new headquarters in 2021. The Tower was designed with a flexible working environment conducive to the generation of new ideas and results, in accordance with the "Work-Life Solution" principle.
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Water Management for Community
WHAUP has provided financial support in Construction of the wastewater treatment system for communities in Nong Khla Subdistrict Municipality, and shared knowledge in waste water management, constructed wet land, and etc. Nong Khla Subdistrict Municipality provided the vacant land in area of Nong Khanun for the project of 11 rai.
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Green Efforts Project
WHA Group worked with community volunteers to plant 300 samples of indigenous trees such as afzelia xylocarpa, lamduan, and mahogany in a tropical forest in the Kaokansong sub district, Sriracha Chonburi, and 100 of Wild Himalayan Cherry at Ban Kao Hin Shool, Bo Win sub district.
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