Corporate Governance

The Company is aware of undertaking its business with responsibility and fairness and recognizes the importance of good corporate governance and management which will enhance its competitiveness in management by focusing on sustainable growth to add value in a long term to the Company, its shareholders and all stakeholders.

The good corporate governance will help the Company gain transparency and verifiability in business operation. The Company set the good corporate governance policy for directors, management and officers to use as the work guideline. The corporate governance of the Company will be reviewed annually by the Corporate Governance Committee. Any non-compliance subjects shall be reviewed and improved and proposed for approval and promulgation by the Board of Directors and further announcement. The latest revision was made on 24 March 2017 by applying the OECD Principles of Corporate Governance to the Company’s guideline, and applying CG Code year 2017 from Securities and Exchange Commission, Thailand.

Cybersecurity and Information Security Management Policy

Nomination and Appointment of Directors and Chief Executive Officer Criteria (Thai Version)