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Governance & Economic
With the world moving toward a more sustainable economy, good corporate governance is the long- term foundation for long-term business growth. It serves as the foundation for ensuring that a company’s management is accountable and ethical. Transparency, accountability, responsibility, and fairness serve as the foundation for the development of core corporate governance principles. As a result, the Board of Directors under WHA Group is responsible for the Group’s operations. Stakeholders can see from the encapsulated good corporate governance that WHA Group is well managed and that stakeholders’ interests are aligned with management’s perspectives.
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Contribution to External Associations
WHA Corporation Public Company Limited is committed to participate in driving and developing sustainable business and society through partnerships with corporations, trade associations, government and non-profit organizations to help drive policies that will affect the economic growth of the country. By doing so, the Company is committed to transparency under good corporate governance and business ethics.
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Unified Operation Center (UOC)
WHA Group implemented the Unified Operation Center (UOC) which projects real-time monitoring results of all relevant environmental parameters such as air quality, rainfall volume and wastewater quality, and etc.
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Shaping Risk Culture
Although risk management and governance frameworks are drivers of a positive risk culture, the underlying factors are the awareness, attitudes and behaviors of employees and executives in the organization.
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On top of the data centers, WHA Group also offers cloud services to customers. WHA Group cloud services have flexible options enabling the customers to choose between public and private, multi-cloud and hybrid cloud services.
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World Class Standard Data Centers
WHA Digital Platform is operated through its subsidiary - WHA Infonite Company Limited, a subsidiary company of the Group, which provides variety of digital solutions for customers.
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Smart Healthcare
WHA Group sees the business opportunities within the health and medical services. The Group developed and designed its products and services to fit with the new ways of living in the digital era.
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