Sustainability Overview

WHA Stands for World, Human, Accountability


The group will continue developing businesses and maximizing the benefits from technologies in order to create sustainable values, to balance business operations and to be a leader driving Thailand to achieve the goals about handling climate changes as announced in the international conferences and driving the Thai economy by being responsible for the environments and the societies and having the good governances for maximizing the benefits of all stakeholders.

Khun Jareeporn Jarukornsakul
Chairman of the Executive Committee and Group Chief Executive Officer


In 2021, WHA Group has rolled out its 5-Year Sustainability Framework, endorsed by the Executive Committee, to drive corporate sustainability actions to build upon, and align with the Group's business direction to become “The Ultimate Solution for Sustainable Growth”.

To achieve its aspiration, the Framework is built on the foundation of good corporate governance, human capital as strategic enabler and key driving forces including digitization and natural resources. The long-term corporate sustainability goals address the Group's material topics that are important to WHA Group and the key stakeholders. Furthermore, the Group ensures to stay ahead by taking into consideration the risks and opportunities analyzed from global existing and emerging trends.

The Ultimate Solution for Sustainable Growth

Business Direction

Natural Resources

Double the Reclaimed Industrial Water for Industrial Use to
CU.M./Day by 2025


In terms of data leaks, thefts or losses of both inbound and outbound data are achieved in 2025
Data Breach Prevention

Human Capital

Maintain Human Capital Return on Investment by 2025 at


Acknowledgement and Communication of Code of Conduct by 2025 at

ESG Sustainability

WHA Group conducts annual materiality assessment to consider issues that have impacts or influences toward the stakeholders and the Group's operations. Considering internal and external factors, material topics are identified in three aspects: Environment, Social and Governance/Economic.


WHA Group commits to achieving Net Zero Greenhouse
Gas Emissions by 2050

WHA Group is committed to conducting business while creating sustainable growth with all stakeholders by giving importance to environment, social and good governance practices. One of the key issues that the Company determines to achieve is to accelerate sustainable climate change action to solve greenhouse gas and global warming issues by reducing greenhouse gas emissions as well as building important infrastructures such as promoting the use of renewable energy and using relevant technologies and innovations throughout the Group's value chain. This ambitious actions will be in line with global trends in responding to climate change issues including Thailand's goal of achieving carbon neutrality by 2030 and net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050.

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