WHA Logistics Business Operation

WHA Logistics Business Operation

The Company and its subsidiaries operate the business of development and lease warehouses, distribution centers and factories, which are divided into the following categories:

Business of Real Estate Development for Rental and Service Fee consists of

  1. Built-to-Suit Project developed as per the customer's needs being warehouses, distribution centers and factories; and
  2. Warehouse Farm Project being warehouses, distribution centers and factories. The Projects consist of:

    • Built-to-Suit Project to serve certain major customers who have specific needs such as need for reserved area for its future expansion; and
    • Ready Built or General Warehouse Project to serve new customers and to respond the market demand in time.
  3. The projects that the group of the Companies invest for renovation and then lease out consist of the completely developed projects and partially developed projects (which shall then be further developed).

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Business of Real Estate Development for Sale

In addition to the above mentioned Business of Real Estate Development for Revenue, the group of the Companies may sell the property so developed to create income.

Business of Investment and Property Management

The Company has policy to invest in the real estate business through the Fund at no greater than 15% to 20% of the total Fund units for the returns in term of dividend payable on an annual and regular basis. However, the investment in the Fund is dependent on the need of investment fund and the amount of fund raised from the sale of assets to the Fund at that time. Therefore, the investments in the Fund may be different from the specified investment policy. Moreover, the Company is appointed to be the Property Manager of the Fund which generates regular income arisen from the management of the Fund's property.