WHA Utilities & Power

Power generation and utilities are a natural complement of our group’s industrial estates. WHA will seek to be more proactive in conventional energy with our partners, while developing renewable energies and looking for new opportunities abroad. In utilities, we also plan to diversify our activities through natural gas distribution and telecom fiber optics, both inside and outside our industrial estates.

WHA Group possesses a total power capacity of 2,620 megawatts (MW), equivalent to 597 Equity MW with 577 Equity MW operating and 20 Equity MW under construction. These projects are run through joint-venture partnerships with leading local and international corporations such as Glow Energy, Gulf Group, B.Grimm Power, Gunkul, and SUEZ.

WHA’s utilities provide raw water, industrial water (Total Annual Capacity over 109 million cubic meter), as well as wastewater treatment (Total Annual Capacity over 44 million cubic meter) In addition, WHA’s utilities have started international utilities business and provide maintenance services to industrial estate customers like power plants, steel mills, automotive and petrochemical industries.

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