WHA Utilities & Power

Power generation and utilities are a natural complement of our group’s industrial estates. WHA Group has provided conventional energy to our partners, while developing renewable energies and looking for new opportunities in Thailand and abroad. For utilities, we continue to develop innovative water products including wastewater reclamation and demineralized water, in addition to core utilities products.

WHA Group possesses a total power capacity of 2,665 megawatts (MW), equivalent to 635 Equity MW with 600 Equity MW in operations and 35 Equity MW under construction. These projects are operated by WHAUP and through joint-venture partnerships with leading local and international corporations such as Glow Group, Gulf Group, B.Grimm Power, Gunkul, and SUEZ.

WHA’s utilities provide raw water, industrial water (total Annual Capacity over 129 million cubic meter), as well as wastewater treatment (Total Annual Capacity over 47 million cubic meter). In addition, WHA’s utilities has invested in utilities business in Vietnam since 2019. The Company acquired and holds 47% and 34% stake in two tap water companies, namely Cua Lo Water Supply Co- the producer and distributor of tap water in Nghe An and Duong River Surface Water Plant Co (SDWTP) - a leading tap water producer in Hanoi. Both projects have total capacity according to the shareholding equity of 8.4 and 110 million cubic meter, respectively.

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