Companies have seen more opportunities arising to drive progress in sustainable development during this volatile situation. Through interactions and engagement with workforces, companies are starting to integrate the vision of "Future of Work" to their workforce strategy, to be inclusive, and to develop and motivate them in both their personal and professional aspects, as well as preparing them for future challenges they may encounter.
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Mobile Medical
A key health approach used to improve access to health care services in remote areas was the Mobile Medical Unit. As a result, WHA Group recognizes the direct relationship between good health and community livelihood and, as a result, has organized annual mobile medical units to reach out to neighboring community members within the Group's industrial estate premises in Rayong and Chonburi provinces.
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PAN GAN Project
WHA Group launched PAN GAN in 2020, an online marketplace to promote and sell homemade products and homegrown specialties made by local people who live in the vicinity of nine of the Group's industrial estates in Chonburi and Rayong provinces.
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Cooperation with Customers
WHA Saraburi Industrial Land (WHA SIL) and WHA Rayong Industrial Land (WHA RIL), together with their housed customers, have established a Community Relationship Committee. Members of the Committee cooperatively collect funds to conduct social development programs to enhance the surrounding communities’ livelihoods.
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Sponsor For Healthcare by Promoting Digital Health Technology
WHA Group supported Thai startup that is developing an Artificial Intelligence (AI) system that helps doctors analyze X-ray images to help diagnose diseases.
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WHA Group University Contribution Program
WHA Group recently made a contribution of 100,000 baht to Chulalongkorn University during the Piyamaharajanusorn Event held annually to celebrate Chulalongkorn Day.
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WHA Group School Contribution Program
WHA Group, in collaboration with over 70 companies in WHA industrial estates, assisted students from low-income families in using education as a stepping stone to improve their quality of life and also their health and safety
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