Companies have seen more opportunities arising to drive progress in sustainable development during this volatile situation. Through interactions and engagement with workforces, companies are starting to integrate the vision of "Future of Work" to their workforce strategy, to be inclusive, and to develop and motivate them in both their personal and professional aspects, as well as preparing them for future challenges they may encounter.
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Safety Culture
WHA Group provides employees with training programs that are required by regulations in order to foster a thorough understanding and awareness of OHS practices. On an annual basis, the Group provides and ensures that all employees receive appropriate health surveillance programs.
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The Adaptive Traffic
The Adaptive Traffic project, is implemented in 2021, which is a new technology that will assist in the efficient management of traffic. It is using a real-time traffic light control system that collects data from surveillance cameras and calculates the amount of time required to control the traffic lights.
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With the ongoing spread of the pandemic virus, COVID-19 has been identified as a potential threat that could impact the health of WHA Group employees, contractors, or those exposed to such risks in 2021.
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Spill Incident
Chemical exposure at a water treatment plant was identified as one of WHA Group's safety risks during the risk assessment process. Employees at the water treatment plant may be exposed to chlorine and sodium hydroxide, according to the group.
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Fire and Evacuation
WHA Group established an Emergency Control Center (ECC) at 10 of the Group’s industrial estates to monitor and suppress emergency situations. The ECC is managed by occupational health and safety experts and is equipped with fire control systems that are ready to go at any time.
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Innovation Leadership Program
WHA Group, as part of the WHAppy Talk Program, organized the WHA Innovation Journey Forum. There were 361 participants in total from all business units.
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