The WHA Group's efforts to drive sustainable operations are governed by the Board of Directors' approval of the Group's Environmental Quality, Energy Conservation, and Biodiversity Policy. The Policy outlines the WHA Group's commitment to preventing and mitigating environmental impacts while continuing to improve quality, ensure regulatory compliance, and align practices with international standards such as the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 14001 Environmental Management System and the ISO-9001 Quality Management System. As a result, a framework for ensuring a consistent environmental management approach across all WHA Group business hubs is provided.
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Demineralized Reclaimed Water : The Real Sustainable Resource For Future Development
WHAUP invested in Demineralized Water Project, a large-scale project, consisting of 2 operations, each have maximum capacity of 4.38 mm3/year, covering 3% of total industrial water capacity.
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Unified Operation Center (UOC)
Unified Operation Center (UOC) system is implemented to centralize, consolidate, and project results from the three monitoring systems offered at the Group's projects and operation sites.
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Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)
All of WHA Group's required projects have undergone the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Study in accordance with the requirements and conditions outlined in the Promotion and Conservation of National Environmental Quality Act, B.E. 2535 (1992).
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WHA Plazas
To further increase the Group's renewable energy generation capability, WHA Utilities and Power (WHAUP) is currently conducting feasibility studies to install solar rooftop panels coupled with battery energy storage system (BESS) at the wastewater treatment plant at Eastern Seaboard Industrial Estate (ESIE).
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Air Emission (Adaptive Traffic Control, Drone Technology)
WHA Group conducted various traffic management initiatives in order to control the level of air emissions from internal and external stakeholders transporting within the industrial complex, such as dust and carbon monoxide that could potentially affect local communities and the environment.
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Marine Ecosystem Preservation
WHA Group's employees had a chance to visit the local communities on a 2-day Community Visit event, in Toei Ngam Beach, Sattahip Naval Base in Chonburi province. Together with the community leaders and local residents, WHA Group Team visited the site in order to learn more about how to protect and preserve Thailand's tropical ecosystem.
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