Paperless Transformation

As part of the Group's digital transformation aspiration, use of technological appliances are encouraged and promoted. Communication, information, and meetings are all made through online platforms, ultimately reducing the Group's consumption of paper. Along with the Group's "E-Paperless" project that was implemented to all business hubs as well.

WHA Group provides employees with tablet appliances to create a paperless culture. Meeting slides, reports, inspection forms and minutes are therefore readily accessible and retrieved. Currently, the initiative helped avoid 196,363 document paper from being printed, and saved an equivalent to 726,543 Baht of printing expenses. Subsequently, by 2022, WHA Group aims to reduce up to 25% of paper usage.

Accelerated by the effects of the global pandemic COVID-19, adoption of digital technologies has quickly been taken up. For businesses worldwide, including WHA Group, the use of digital technologies has helped reduce face-to-face interactions and safeguard the well-being of employees.