Integrated Environmental Management System (EMS)

Management Approach GRI 3-3 (2021)

Environmental Management System

WHA Group recognizes the critical importance of environmental management and resource conservation. As a result, WHA Group has sought to operate in a sustainable manner, focusing on a practical environmental management system. This includes the active management and monitoring of key environmental parameters such as biodiversity, wastewater quality, waste disposal, emissions, and resource conservation. These are the key parameters based on the nature of WHA Group’s operations in relation to customers, suppliers, and surrounding communities, as well as the Group’s ability to influence its business operations.

WHA Group aligns practices with international standards such as the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 14001 Environmental Management System and the ISO-9001 Quality Management System. As a result, a framework for ensuring a consistent environmental management approach across all WHA Group business hubs is provided as follows:

  • Due diligence at the pre-purchase/acquisition/ investment stage initial environmental audit of each new investment.
  • Property / building development with environmental requirements and resource efficiency.
  • Maintenance programs with a focus on environmental performance and resource efficiency.
  • Guidelines, training, and newsletters to ensure that property managers and tenants are up-to-date on emerging best practices and regulatory developments.

EMS: Certification/ Audit/ Verification

To ensure credibility of quality, environmental and safety procedures and system in place, WHA Group has implemented an annual environmental management system through internal audits in order to monitor system implementation on a regular basis. External audits and certifications were also carried out in accordance with applicable international standards like ISO 14001: 2015 and ISO 9001 - Quality Management System. Additionally, environmental and safety performance data are verified by third party on annual basis.