Biodiversity and No Deforestation Commitment

WHA Group commits to taking unwavering responsibility for environmental preservation through biodiversity management actions. In addition, WHA Group also intends to achieve Sustainable Development Goals as well as supporting our alliances throughout the value chain to create a positive impact on the environment, balance the nature and commit to stop or reduce all deforestation and maintain biodiversity.

WHA Group has set various measures to carry out a risk assessment from the initiation of a development project to the project implementation period that no project poses a serious risk to biodiversity as well as no deforestation or avoiding penetration into protected areas and national parks. Furthermore, the Group focuses on selecting materials from sustainable source and reduce the dependence on natural resources as much as possible. The measures are covering the entire WHA group including promoting and asking for cooperation from business partners such as contractors and business partners directly doing business with WHA Group (tier-1 suppliers) to commit to maintaining and preserving deforestation and biodiversity in their operations.

WHA adhere to the law and requirements in the EIA. WHA Group also have mitigation measures deployed to mitigate biodiversity loss and negative impacts to the surrounding ecosystem. In the case that WHA Group is unable to avoid deforestation, the Group will ensure that the areas loss due to deforestation is compensated by reforestation in a different location. Nonetheless, in line with our Biodiversity Commitments, the reforestation area should be equivalent to, or larger than, the deforested land to offset any losses (i.e., no net loss) and as well as creating net positive impact (NPI).

In addition, WHA Group will encourage all stakeholders to be aware of the impact of business activities on biodiversity and deforestation to address the impact on biodiversity and natural resources including forests in the area of WHA group including nearby community areas.