Vehicle Management System

Traffic congestion outside industrial estate during rush hour cause air pollution. WHA Group has invested heavily on smart ecosystems and technologies including the permanent tracking for vehicles and visitors, and drones for traffic management for managing and decreasing traffic congestion as well as pollution. Vehicle Management system is one major system can count number, type and license plate of vehicles, which enter and exit through the industrial estate gates. This system is not benefit only security but also data analysis for traffic improvement. In 2021, ESIE use data from VMS system (see picture1) to implement the traffic improvement project in ESIE (see picture2 and 3) and can reduce the traffic congestion about 30%, from 3,000 vehicles/hour to 2,000 vehicles/hour.

Picture 1: VMS System for traffic control

Picture 2: Expansions traffic lane in E-6 Road by expanding road
2 lanes to 4 lanes, thus Increasing traffic flow.

Picture 3: And improve traffic lanes E-10 crossroads for the car out of the settlement more



As a results, the air emission, including NOx, SOx, Total Suspended Particulate (TSP), and Particulate matter10 (PM10) has decreased significantly and result a better air quality over community.