Drone Technology

Similarly, WHA Group is currently studying the use of drone technology in the road and traffic monitoring process during rush hours in 2021. The drones will help monitor any accidents occurring on the roads. It can also be used to detect any potential risks that can then be analyzed and used to identify and implement preventive actions to limit any future accidents. In the case of accidents, the drones will allow for a faster and more effective emergency response and action.

Indirectly, by limiting numbers of accidents will also reduce the traffics on the roads. By detecting potential risks of accidents, less fuel will be used by ambulances with less accidents occurring. Altogether, this will help reduce air pollution.

WHA Group commits to achieving Net Zero Greenhouse Gas Emissions by 2050
WHA Group is committed to conducting business while creating sustainable growth with all stakeholders by giving importance to environment, social and good governance practices. One of the key issues that the Company determines to achieve is to accelerate sustainable climate change action to solve greenhouse gas and global warming issues by reducing greenhouse gas emissions as well as building important infrastructures such as promoting the use of renewable energy and using relevant technologies and innovations throughout the Group's value chain. This ambitious actions will be in line with global trends in responding to climate change issues including Thailand's goal of achieving carbon neutrality by 2030 and net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050.
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Biodiversity and No Deforestation Commitment
WHA Group commits to taking unwavering responsibility for environmental preservation through biodiversity management actions. In addition, WHA Group also intends to achieve Sustainable Development Goals as well as supporting our alliances throughout the value chain to create a positive impact on the environment, balance the nature and commit to stop or reduce all deforestation and maintain biodiversity.
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ECO-Industrial Town Development
Eco-Industrial Town is an initiative implemented by the IEAT to promote and gear the economic development and environmental sustainability of industrial estates.
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