Marine Ecosystem Preservation

WHA Group's employees had a chance to visit the local communities on a 2-day Community Visit event, in Toei Ngam Beach, Sattahip Naval Base in Chonburi province. Together with the community leaders and local residents, WHA Group Team visited the site in order to learn more about how to protect and preserve Thailand's tropical ecosystem. The overviews were given by the Royal Thai Marine Corps'. The first initiative launched on-site was the mangrove forest planting project. WHA Group Team also got an opportunity to participate in environmentalrelated activities along with the community members such as releasing baby nurse sharks back into sea, an activity aiming to contribute to the balance of nature. Moreover, the community members also joined in the planting of coral, using artificial planting beds. Corals are home to fish and other sea creatures, therefore, increasing the amount of live coral under the sea will increase the biodiversity of the fish population as well.

"Ecological balance is very important for coastal communities to survive. They depend on the sea for a stable supply of food and a source of income. Enhancing awareness for preserving marine life is necessary for the wellbeing of the people and can lead to positive impact on different communities" - said Ms. Siyaphas Chantachairoj, Director – Corporate Marketing, WHA Corporation PCL.