Water Hyacinth Project

To generate additional income flows toward the local communities of its operations, WHA Eastern Seaboard Industrial Estate (WHA ESIE) implemented an initiative for its surrounding community in the Baan Kai District, Rayong province in 2020. The community can take unwanted water hyacinths from WHA ESIE's wastewater polishing pond on a monthly basis without charge, and use for producing and selling straw woven baskets. This helped the community generate income, save cost from purchasing such water hyacinths that is approximately 80-100 Baht per bundle or 100 strands, and have a secure source of raw material on a monthly basis. Coherently, WHA ESIE was able to save approximately 15,000 Baht per month on contractor expenses for removing such water hyacinths. In addition, WHA ESIE designed and provided the community with dryers that cost altogether 50,000 Baht to further improve the woven basket's quality in terms of moisture content, extending the product's life span. Furthermore, the Group supported this business by purchasing 300 woven baskets from the local community to make use as new year gifts in 2021, in which the recipient portrayed satisfaction towards the gifts received. This contributed to 120,000 Baht of income to the community. In addition, the woven baskets are also promoted and sold via WHA Group's PAN GAN online market place. By purchasing and making use of the woven baskets and other goods sold through PAN GAN as new year gifts, WHA Group were able to save 25% of expenses compared to purchasing from other sources.