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WHA Group Nurtures Young Minds Through Art Camp Activities

For WHA Corporation PCL, (WHA Group) enriching the lives of community members living in Thailand's Eastern Economic Corridor (EEC) is one of its top priorities. The company's engagement to the people continues to grow each year, with programs in education, community care and the environment. WHA aims to make sustainable contributions that can help improve the plight of families and communities, as well as assure a brighter future for the youth.

For over 30 years, WHA Industrial Development, under WHA Group, has been establishing Corporate Social Responsibility programs for its neighboring communities. The Group has held many activities to support schools located near its industrial estates and help school-age children develop a love for art. Through a series of Art Camp activities in collaboration with local schools, WHA strives to develop the children’s creativity, freedom of expression and communication skills. In 2019, 3 different Art Camps were held for both students and teachers in an effort to touch lives through art.

Art Camp for Teachers: Passing on Valuable Lessons

For the 9th consecutive year, WHA Group held the Art Camp for Teachers to train educators to impart a love for art to their young students. A group of 38 teachers from 16 schools in the EEC joined the 4-day activity centered around “water”, the essential element of human life and of our planet’s ecological balance. Using watercolor, crayons, pastels and colored pencils for paintings, sketches and drawings, the teachers learned basic art techniques and were encouraged to give personal interpretations of water based on their feelings, experiences, observations, and imagination.

WHA Group firmly believes that by developing art appreciation for schoolteachers, art awareness and skills can be passed on to the children to help boost confidence and increase the chances of success in the future.

Art Camp at Hometown: Contributing to Empower the Community

Initiated in 2009, Art Camp at Hometown focuses on developing students' interest in the arts to use their creativity in a productive manner. Moderated by the team from InspireSight, an organization dedicated to bringing art, culture and history to different communities, the all-day event also includes character-building games designed to boost self-esteem and teach the youth to live in harmony within the community.

This year’s edition was held from July through September in 20 different schools surrounding WHA Industrial Estates. Under the theme “water conservation in my community,” 600 students from Prathom 4 – 6 unleash their inner artistry through brushes and paints while reflecting on their role in protecting the environment.

Art Camp Trip

The annual “Art Camp Trip” is organized to give Matthayom 1-3 students the opportunity to explore nearby historical and cultural sites, and to integrate this with art concepts. This year’s 3-day outing for creative kids from 9 schools in Rayong and Chonburi started with introductory lessons on art composition, watercolor and still life. To combine theory and practice, they toured the wastewater treatment lagoon in WHA Chonburi Industrial Estate 2 (WHA CIE 2), observed the water testing laboratory and discussed the concept of protecting natural resources to promote sustainability in their community. They listened to interesting presentations on water and sustainability by WHA staff, and expanded their knowledge on water preservation, while discussing ways to get involved in their community. The children then packed their materials to explore Wat Khao Tabaek and Nong Kho reservoir, where they were encouraged to express themselves through art.

“WHA Art Camps engage the minds and imagination of both teachers and children. Creative expression helps us all articulate our feelings and teaches us to think out of the box,” said Ms. Siyaphas Chantachairoj, Director of Corporate Marketing, WHA Corporation PCL. “In addition, I truly believe that instilling environmental values at a young age will help the world in the long run. Since art can bring powerful results, our interactive camp activities are dynamic experiences that can encourage young generations to get involved in positive ways to protect our world.”

Today, WHA continues to support, organize and initiate education-based projects that could make an impact on the lives of children. The Group is committed to initiating development projects and activities to promote sustainability and create better lives for everyone in the community.

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