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Memorandum of Understanding Singing Chulalongkorn University and WHA Corporation to Collaborate and Exchange Knowledge for Wastewater Management and Wastewater Treatment Engineering Project

Bangkok, September 29, 2016 – Chulalongkorn University’s Faculty of Engineering and WHA Corporation PCL. jointly announced today the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for collaboration and knowledge exchange in the field of wastewater management and wastewater treatment.

The MoU aims to support the development and training of future engineers by combining their classroom learning with practical experience in a real industrial environment such as the Hemaraj industrial estates, which are part of the WHA Group. The ultimate goal is to help enhance the efficiency of wastewater management and treatment techniques in Thailand.

Dr Supot Teachavorasinskun, Dean of Chulalongkorn’s Faculty of Engineering, said: “This MoU represents a great opportunity for our engineering students to apply the theories they learn in the classroom directly in the workplace. Thanks to WHA Corporation and the Hemaraj industrial estates, our students will have the chance to observe various technologies and benefit from real-life experience in the vital field of wastewater management. Especially now that environmental protection is of utmost importance to the society, we are sure that this agreement will provide powerful learning experiences for our students in the Faculty of Engineering.”

Each year, Chulalongkorn’s Faculty of Engineering has approximately 75 students in Bachelor, Master and Ph.D. Programs in Environmental Engineering. WHA Corporation is ready to offer them training opportunity at Hemaraj’s industrial estates.

“Together with Chulalongkorn University’s Faculty of Engineering, we will work on a custom-built curriculum that will encourage more research and the development of new technologies in water management and treatment,” declared Ms Jareeporn Jarukornsakul, WHA Corporation’s Group Chief Executive Officer. “Through diverse initiatives, we will implement the best practices and techniques in this area. We are proud to set the standards for environment-friendly industrial estates that give the utmost attention to sustainability, social cohesion and environmental protection,” she explained.

Through Hemaraj Land And Development PLC and its 8 industrial estates representing a total surface area of 45,000 rai in Rayong, Chonburi and Saraburi, WHA Corporation is the perfect partner for Chulalongkorn’s Faculty of Engineering to create a ‘Real Learning Center’ for its students. WHA is continuously investing in utilities and power to enhance WHA’s Industrial Estates. As Thailand’s largest provider of industrial water, the company delivers raw water, processed water and clarified water, with a total annual capacity of over 60 million cubic meters, as well as wastewater treatment, with a total annual capacity of over 36.5 million cubic meters.

“Wastewater management and treatment are two areas where Hemaraj is a recognized leader,” explained Khun Vivat Jiratikarnsakul, Hemaraj Chief Operating Officer, Industrial and International. “Since day one, we took bold steps to ensure that our wastewater infrastructure and systems would cause minimum impact on the environment, so our industrial estates could co-exist in a harmonious and sustainable manner with neighboring communities,” he said.

Wastewater is transported to central wastewater plants and treated until it meets environmental standards before being drained or recycled. Hemaraj’s industrial estates use different wastewater treatment technologies, such as aerated lagoon systems with limited motors to deliver oxygen from the air into the wastewater, and constructed wetland systems involving plants and bacteria to treat wastewater.

These wetland systems were inspired and adapted from HM King Bhumibol’s experiments in treating waste water biologically. Hemaraj, in cooperation with the Asian Institute of Technology (AIT), co-adapted a wetland project that is environment-friendly, nature-based and suitable for industrial estates. The constructed wetland treats wastewater efficiently and reduces energy consumption in the treatment process. The treated water can then be recycled by factories for gardening and other purposes.

Other wastewater treatment techniques, involving sludge disposal systems, have also been initiated by Hemaraj’s engineers in cooperation with other public and academic institutions. Experiments have shown that sludge and wastewater can be used as soil amendments for agriculture, especially for the growth of rubber, cassava, and winter melon.

“With this MoU, we are launching our global CSR initiative, Water for the Planet, in collaboration with WHA’s Utility & Power hub. Water is a precious resource that should be highly respected and protected. The constant supply and the quality of our water are directly linked to the quality of our lives. We rely on it for all our needs. Through effective wastewater management and treatment, we can play a role in ensuring clean, safe water for ourselves, our families and our communities,” Ms. Jareeporn concluded.

About WHA Group

Established in 2003, the WHA Group’s vision is to provide its local and international customers with warehousing, distribution centers and factory solutions to enable them to operate at full efficiency. The WHA Group has positioned itself as the leading and the largest built-to-suit distribution center, warehouse and factory developer in Thailand’s highly competitive industrial and logistics property market.

Following its acquisition of Hemaraj Land And Development Plc. in March 2015, WHA Group is now the leading developer in Thailand of Industrial Estates, an active player in Power generation, an exclusive provider of Utilities services and a key promoter of Thailand’s digital economy.

WHA Group is a fully integrated business developer of Logistics, Industrial Development, Utilities and Power and Digital Platform.

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MoU between Chulalongkorn University and WHA Corporation PCL.

Key Points:
Under this Memorandum of Understanding, Chulalongkorn University and WHA Corporation will:

  1. Provide academic information from both parties for knowledge development in wastewater treatment and environmental engineering
  2. Encourage and involve students in more real-life learning experiences at Hemaraj’s industrial estates, with ‘Real Learning Centers’ in areas of wastewater treatment system, tap water system, water recycling system, scientific laboratories, and central utilities management service for industrial estates. The objective for students is to deepen their understanding and put their knowledge from the classroom into practice more effectively and efficiently
  3. Jointly develop an academic curriculum on wastewater management as well as wastewater treatment and environmental engineering, and organize training sessions, academic seminars and practical training courses in order to develop highly-qualified personnel
  4. Initiate joint research and development opportunities for wastewater treatment systems and technologies that are suitable in Thailand
  5. Encourage and assist students interested in environmental engineering, particularly in wastewater management, to avail of internship opportunities at industrial estates alongside WHA Corporation’s professional engineers
  6. Provide support for academic and social activities that could help disseminate pertinent information on wastewater treatment and environmental engineering to the general public

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