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WHA Enhances Efforts to Bring Better Healthcare to Communities through Digital Technology

Digital expansion to help WHA break new ground in Thailand’s industrial scene

Bangkok, 27 May 2021 — WHA Corporation Pcl. (WHA Group), Thailand’s leader in fully-integrated logistics and industrial facilities solutions, is expanding its support for healthcare by promoting digital health technology.

When the world went on lockdown to stop the spread of COVID-19, lives were drastically changed. People quickly adapted to technology to maintain stability, as they continued to work, study, do business and stay in communication with others. The healthcare industry was also impacted, with more patients seeking healthcare from home, less medical staff available, supply shortages, difficulties sharing data and other inconveniences. Thanks to digital advances in the last years, telemedicine, Artificial Intelligence (AI)-enabled devices, and data sharing through blockchain technology became possible, providing quicker, more efficient services, while reducing human error and lowering costs.

A staunch supporter of smart technologies for improving Thailand’s industrial sector, WHA Group has been investing more resources to support startups. Earlier this year, TusPark WHA was created, Thailand's first innovation development and business incubator center, where startups in various industries are given support to grow their business. With her keen interest in innovation and technology specifically in the health sector, Ms Jareeporn Jarukornsakul, Chairman and Group CEO, WHA Corporation Pcl., recently supported Perceptra, a Thai startup that is developing an Artificial Intelligence (AI) system that helps doctors analyze X-ray images to help diagnose diseases.

“We have seen how technology has changed industries over the years, and during this pandemic, we witnessed the critical role that digitalization plays in healthcare,” she said. “As a member of several communities, WHA gives back to society in many ways to make a positive change. Providing healthcare through sustainable initiatives and the latest technology will ensure a healthy community which is a driver for progress and growth.”

WHA is also cooperating with the Ministry of Public Health for the safe and orderly distribution of the COVID-19 vaccine, which will soon be available for the public. The company is proposing 8 industrial estates to serve as inoculation centers for its customers and their employees, as well as all residents of the neighboring communities. “We are collaborating with local health officials in the country’s race to vaccinate people and build herd immunity against COVID-19,” said Mr David Nardone, Group Executive Industrial and International, WHA Industrial Development Plc. “At our vaccination sites, we will be able to accommodate people of all ages, and all levels of mobility. Our aim is to help deliver the vaccines to all, especially those who may not have ready access to computers or transportation, in order to create a healthier and safer world for everyone.”

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