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WHA Group Elaborates on the “Towards Green Growth” in Vietnam Industrial Forums 2023

WHA’s initiative in launching WHA Smart Eco development concept, applying in Thailand and now expanding to Vietnam, following the Environmental policy aimed at promoting green growth in order to facilitate smooth operations of Industrial Estates, logistics and other businesses.

In the context that developing eco-industrial parks is an inevitable trend in sustainable development, on November 16, 2023, Vietnam Industrial Park Forum 2023 was successfully held under the theme " Towards Green Growth” .The event featured the representatives of the National Assembly Economic Committee, Ministry of Planning and Investment, Ministry of Transport, Ministry of Construction, leaders of the Association of Foreign Investment Enterprises, agencies, departments, Industrial Park, Economic Zone Management Boards, Industrial Parks developers and businesses.

WHA was invited to participate in the forum as an industrial park developer following the eco-industrial park model. Mr. Nha-Vinh Julien Nguyen, Country Head, delivered a speech and introduced WHA Industrial Zone 1 - Nghe An, he shared WHA’s experience in developing eco industrial parks in both Thailand and Vietnam and presenting authentic images of an operational eco-industrial park within WHA’s industrial parks. The messages that WHA delivered in the event were minor opinions, but WHA also contributed in bringing realistic photos of an eco-industrial park being operated at WHA industrial parks.

Mr. Nha-Vinh Julien Nguyen explained more detail about WHA Smart Eco Industrial Zone features in Nghe An, focusing on the Environmental, Social, and Governance aspects. Technologies and innovations have been applied in estate maintenance and management by installing smart features to ensure efficiency, reliability, security and safety at all times. To safeguard clients’ properties, WHA invested in smart surveillance, such as; centralized monitoring and control that provides 24/7 surveillance, permanent tracking for vehicles and visitors, and drones for traffic management and land inspection. The industrial zone’ common areas are installed with smart lighting and smart energy system. In addition flood monitoring and alert is concluded and applied for our smart protection.

Regarding social and governence, he highlighted WHA's role in fostering economic growth by providing employment and boosting income through skill development. Additionally, the organization actively contributes to social and community development through charitable initiatives, such as constructing homes and schools, building community infrastructure like roads, and providing scholarships to university students."

Within the framework of the forum, WHA had a booth displaying information, which attracted the attention of many event attendees.

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